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I wear mine every morning to PT and have not been questioned once about it. They are heavy but that's just due to all the insulation. A must buy for hardcore protection in any work with the elements or saftey. Spent an hour putting this handy tool through its paces in the backyard. It's great that's all can I please stop typing now? Worth paying the extra $ to get something or this quality that's made right here in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are a Chinese Manufacturer , Mainly products hunting wear, ( jackets, coats, pants etc.) & Military Uniform, ACU. Cotton Fatigue Shirt, whether original in mint condition, used, or battlescared, one can just imagine all the action this historical, heroic design concept this shirt.It also is big enough to cover my whole ears (I wear a 7 3/8 hat size) which is very nice. The valve on the side is to equalize air pressure from inside to the boot to outside for the paratroops. It now occupies a coveted position in the truck and will be on my pack for every adventure into the bush. BDU UNIFORM, ECWCS Mil-Spec Parka If you have interest ,please contact us with no hesitate. One can only imagine it's been put through, as echoed through time and the classic war movies.

Removing the bladder from the pack is simple but I'm not sure if the bladder is supposed to be flat when reinserted or kinda squished into it. The straps can be folded into the back of the pack into a small compartment. These come in different cable sizes, but perhaps could be modified with a cable swage and tool? (perhaps I should have mounted the side cable holders a little further forward for less extreme angle to boot heel? Otherwise I have skied them cautiously at the "resort" and they have worked.

As far as I know, this pack was discontinued either in 2014 or 2015 and it went onto Source's outlet/clearance section for awhile before actually being sold out. This is one of the warmest fleece caps I have ever worn. The embroidered EGA on the front is different - eagle's wings too thin, globe larger, the inside tag is wrong and actually has a spelling error. But this one says COVER, FIELD, WOODLAND, MARINE CORP. Minor complaint for a product that was just what I've been looking for.

It is the exact same color as the Army PT Cap but twice as warm. Service was excellent, fit and performance just right. I've had 2 pair of these over the years and warn them with no socks in -25F weather and my feet where still warm and toasty. Found them for less, but made outside of this country. I'm Steven from CHINA With Reference to the product offering on your Site, May I know If you need hunting Clothing&Military Uniform, Supplies from CHINA.

The noise is impossible to become accustomed to and sleep through due to the stops and starts in addition to volume changes. Paid 5 dollars for a 3 day shipping but I got a 1 day shipping service instead. The water I poured into it didn't have any bad taste and it's easy to drink out of.

Build quality is perfect and of course nothing has frayed or ripped yet.

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