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The patients aged more than 18 years with SSc satisfying the American Rheumatism Association criteria who consented for the study were included.

Patients with other collagen vascular disease/mixed connective tissue disorder, and overlap syndromes were excluded.

Using this criteria, 90% of the studied subjects had pulmonary involvement.

Among 90 subjects with pulmonary involvement, all of them had skin thickening and Raynaud's phenomenon.

Common presenting complaints were skin thickening in 98% and Raynaud's phenomenon in 98%.Skin thickening of digits beyond metacarpo phalangeal was seen in 98%, face and neck in 92%, and hands in 92%.Chest wall thickening was seen in 40 subjects (40%).After obtaining an informed consent, basic demographic details were collected, detailed history, and clinical examination was noted.Modified Rodnan skin score was calculated for all the patients.

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