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After beginning her acting career on stage, she starred in the 1990s television series American Gothic (1995–96) and Jack & Jill (1999–2001).Paulson later appeared in comedy films such as What Women Want (2000) and Down with Love (2003), and had dramatic roles in films such as Path to War (2002) and The Notorious Bettie Page (2005).In February 2010, Paulson portrayed the circa 1982 mother of main character Meredith Grey, on the ABC drama Grey's Anatomy. In 2011, Paulson guest starred in three episodes of the FX anthology series American Horror Story, playing medium Billie Dean Howard.

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When Paulson confirmed that she was dating Taylor, she stated to the press: If my life choices had to be predicated based on what was expected of me from a community on either side, that's going to make me feel really straitjacketed, and I don't want to feel that.

Previously, Taylor appeared on where she gushed over her love Paulson and the duo often praise each other on their social media accounts as well.

Taylor and Paulson have quite an age difference between them as Taylor is 73 years old and Paulson is 42.

Paulson began working as an actress right out of high school.

She appeared in the Horton Foote play Talking Pictures at the Signature Theatre, and in an episode of Law & Order in 1994.

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