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, written by chief scholar Esagil-kin-apli of Borsippa, describes one particular demon: Sulak. Babylonians believed that while someone was doing their business, they were at their most vulnerable state, giving Sulak the perfect opportunity to strike.Sulak hides in places where its victims would be alone, taking the form of a lion on its hind legs. Because of this belief, they referred to disease as the “hand” of Sulak.Toire no Hanako-san’s legend has terrified Japanese school children for almost three and a half decades.There are even variations of the legend that claim she is actually a three-meter (10 ft), three-headed lizard who uses the voice of a little girl to attract its prey; children are also warned not to fall down and scrape their knees on the playground for fear of catching the “Hanako fungus,” which causes the scab to germinate mushrooms.This toilet goddess, Zi-Gu, was a beautiful woman married to an actor during the Tang Dynasty in China.A high-ranking minister, Li-Jing, fell in love with Zi-Gu, so he killed her husband and took Zi-Gu captive as his mistress.That continued until Empress Wu Zetian blessed the spirit of Zi-Gu, raising her from the demon status to Toilet Goddess.

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Aka-Manto didn’t settle down in the bathroom until the 1980s, where he’s been a source of haunting entertainment ever since.

If you didn’t make your presence known by coughing before sitting down, then your trip to the bathroom could end up being anything but pleasant. v=i6e Vcvq KPs E Typically inhabiting school toilets, particularly the last stall in the women’s restroom, Aka-Manto is an evil spirit sporting a red cloak and a white mask. Well, allegedly if you’re a female, you’ll find him attractive and irresistible.

This spirit is popular primarily in Japan and Korea.

Generations later, she is worshiped during the Lantern Festival—the 15th night of the 1st lunar month.

People hold up a puppet made of paper or wood and say “Li Jing has gone away with his official wife, let Zi Gu appear.” If properly worshiped, she will ensure that the restroom remains protected, blessed, and disinfected.

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