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Our conversation was about going out, friends and hobbies.

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But the young men are uninterested in philosophical thoughts and views. First his father died, then six years later his mother. He was deeply ashamed and did nothing but cry for weeks.Vin is a construction worker, but he doesn’t like the work very much. The pity is that the suits you have to wear aren’t always attractive. Leb is a sex worker, and encounters his customers in the evening on the boulevard. It’s hard to find customers and not all the customers are nice to him. Visiting your doctor every few weeks isn’t uncommon in Cambodia.“Maybe later I can work in a restaurant, in a MSM club.” When asked if he’s happy, first comes a long story. Leb has known for two years that he’s HIV positive. That’s how they try out using the medication to ease the suffering. “That’s when I can spend the whole day at home watching love stories on television. The three young men we spoke with use the terms “MSM” and “gay” interchangeably. The young men think the word fits them because they prefer to present themselves as emancipated gays, proud of who they are.In contrast, MSM is in their eyes more a term for the insecure older man; for the gay man who is still ashamed of his sexuality and often leads a double life.

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