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Videotaped in 1998 at Great Meadows Prison, Comstock, N. A production of the Witness Project which uses video technology to investigate human rights abuses. That was exactly the dilemma that Illinois Governor George Ryan faced in his final days in office. DVD 5997 Explore capital punishment through the story of Clifford Boggess, a 30-year-old who spent almost a decade on death row.He, alone, was left to decide whether the remaining 167 death row inmates should live or die. DVD 4909 A docu-drama about the 1927 Massachusetts trial and execution of two Italian-American immigrant anarchists based on Vanzetti's own letters and speeches. Video/C 4130 Hard-edged look at life inside the walls of Lewisburg, a maximum security federal penitentiary where rehabilitation and parole have all but been abandoned. In the United States, executions have become almost routine, especially in Texas, where Boggess, a pianist, artist, class valedictorian and convicted murderer awaited the execution chamber. Video/C 6646 The film includes interviews with death row prisoners, with state government and prison officials, and with all participants in capital punishment, including lawyers, police officers and manufacturers of lethal substances to show the legal context and logistics involved in carrying out executions. Video/C 7331 Presents viewpoints of leaders from government, media and the legal profession on a hypothetical case regarding the application of affirmative action to a university faculty tenure decision. Featured in the program are Roy Innis, Chairman of the Congress on Racial Equality; Ward Connerly, Regent of the University of California and Charles Willie, professor of Education at Harvard. Students from 3 major universities are interviewed alone on topics including the climate toward talking about race on campus, self separation of ethnic groups, discrimination, affirmative action policies and individual responsibility for change. Video/C 4055 This program looks at the impact of affirmative action admissions policies, speech codes, and race relations on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley. Video/C 4707 A diverse group of college students reveal their honest feelings and attitudes about race and racism. See Also: Skin Deep Celebration of the 114th birthday of the University of California. Video/C 6991 Explores whether affirmative action promotes racial balance, or fights discrimination of the past with reverse discrimination in the present. DVD 2141 A diverse group of college students reveal their honestfeelings and attitudes about race and racism.This unique docu-drama, shot on location around Boston where the case took place, tells the events from the point of view of Vanzetti. A graphic and sympathetic commentary on racial and social injustice, this film paints an unforgettable portrait of the Angola inmates and their struggle for humanity within an inhumane system. Highlights injustice and inequities in the legal system regarding women. Video/C MM667 Offers the definitive account of America's most violent prison rebellion, its suppression, and the days of torture that ensued. Megan ran way from ten different foster homes before being arrested on assault charges.The average sentence for women convicted of killing men is 20 years; that for men convicted of killing women , 2-6 years. Using newly uncovered video of the assault, interviews with eyewitnesses who've never spoken before on camera, and footage of inmates and hostages throughout their battles against the state, this film unravels one of America's deepest cover-ups, and shows how the legendary prison riot transformed the lives of its survivors. Both came to the Waxter Juvenile Facility in Maryland. DVD 5282 Shot over a four year period, documents the personal struggles of three girls enmeshed in San Francisco's juvenile justice system.

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The film provides inspiring examples of peer activism, youth organizing, and mobilization around prison issues, providing youth with tangible ways to get involved with the movement to reform the U. A production of the Witness Project which uses video technology to investigate human rights abuses. By day's end, Delbert Ward "confessed" to suffocating his ailing brother as an act of mercy, but others in Munnsville believed Delbert had been framed. Video/C 6987 An examination of the efficacy and ethics of prison privatization in the United States and of the prison industries that profit from the burgeoning prison population.

Special features: Commentary by Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky, deleted scenes, never-before-seen short film "The Wards take Manhattan," photo gallery, original theatrical trailer featuring Spalding Gray, filmmaker biographies. Created in collaboration with the California Coalition for Women Prisoners. Looks at the rise of penitentaries and experiments to transform offenders, how law and the legal system has evolved in the United States, concluding with stalking laws and "three-strike" laws. Video/C 5394 In 1994 a paranoid schizophrenic man, Ralph Tortorici, took a class of college students hostage, threatening and wounding one of them. Ashley, Linda, Anna, Yolanda and Ophelia describe their experiences including rape, violence, solitary confinement and denial of medical care. A documentary film by Janet Baud, Dan Hunt, and Reid Williams. He worked against the Vietnam War and for Black civil rights, was a leader in the Columbia University student strike and Students for a Democratic Society, and was a member of the Weather Underground Organization.

Produced by Claude Marks; written and edited by Eve Goldberg. Includes interviews with police, judges, historians, prison wardens, prosecutors, reformers and citizens as they speak about their experiences with crime and criminals. Using excerpts from the actual trial, as well as interviews with Tortorici's father and brother, the defense attorney, chief assistant district attorney, the prosecutor, psychiatric experts, and the presiding judge, this documentary critically examines the ethical dilemmas surrounding the insanity defense. Their difficult stories challenge the most basic notions of gender and justice while raising an important question: Is their treatment indeed cruel and unusual -- a violation of the Eighth Amendment of the U. In 1981 he was convicted for his participation in a Brinks truck robbery to raise funds for the Black Liberation Army.

This event is organized by the Graduate Assembly, University of California, Berkeley. Residents speak on the street and during a discussion group about the issues of racism and the impact busing and affirmative action programs have on their communities. This emotionally complex film is also a portrait of young adults struggling to overcome the scars of their troubled childhood in order to realize their dreams of independence and fulfillment. The theme of crime and punishment is present in every moment. DVD X3245 Segment one is a behind-the scenes look at the problems, priorities, and players at the 1993 United Nations World Conference on Human Rights, the first to be held in 25 years.

This event took place on February 2, 1986, at Booth Auditorium, Boalt Hall, University of California, Berkeley. When there is no death sentence, there is only time. Includes interviews with undersecretary of State Timothy Wirth and former President Jimmy Carter and UN Sec. The second segment examines a Chicago based campaign against capital punishment by families of murder victims who tour the United States to combat the death penalty. DVD 7279 Tells the true story of the first female serial killer in the U.

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