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The madam essentially owns the women: their expenses exceed earnings, they are in debt. See full summary » When Taryn, a Northern Irish runaway, finds herself in trouble in Ocean City, MD, she seeks refuge with her aunt and uncle in Baltimore.

But Kim and Bill have problems of their own: they're trying to handle the end of their marriage gracefully for the sake of their daughter Abby, just home from her first year of college.

A character study as well as a meditation on communication, creativity, and physical space, TAKE WHAT YOU CAN CARRY is a picture of a young woman seen through the interiors she occupies and...

Release Date: 25 December 2013 Runtime: 89 mins Genres Drama Music Actors Deragh Campbell, Hannah Gross, Ned Oldham, Kim Taylor, Nicholas Petr, Geoff Grace, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Declan Sammon, Jack Carneal, Jimi Zhivago, Ellis Woodward, John Belanger, Greg Shull, Juan Eloy Carrera, Blake Pruitt Rating: Description A runaway seeks refuge with her aunt and uncle in Baltimore and finds their marriage ending and her cousin in crisis.A story of family revelations, people finding each other and letting each other go, looking for love where they've found it before and, when that doesn't work, figuring out where they might find it next. In the opening scene, Taryn is shown emptying a bin of "clackers," where she is wearing a light blue t-shirt and cut-off denim shorts. He later auditioned Gross, following advice from a friend who is a professor at New York University, where Gross studies in the Experimental Theater Wing.Through Gross, Porterfield later met Campbell and cast them both in the film.

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