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You can find these cheers posted on various sites on the Internet or learn them from other players.

However, Love To Know has also come up with a unique soccer cheer or two that you'll enjoy!

It’s just a proud moment and something we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives intimidating football chants.

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Although many fans from other nations love the battlecry, it is hugely intimidating when heard so loudly in the cauldron of a football stadium.The fans of the island nation had much to cheer during last night's group F game, their first ever appearance at the tournament.Nani gave Portugal the lead before Birkir Bjarnason equalised early in the second half and for all Cristiano Ronaldo's huffing and puffing, the Icelandic defence stood firm.There are many different chants and cheers that are used in other sports, but can also be used to cheer for a soccer team.Since soccer and football do have a few similarities, many football cheers can be adapted for soccer plays.

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