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The information on this page has been adapted from posts to the Aid Workers Network (AWN) by Graham Wood and Jayne Cravens, as well as various other posters to AWN.

Specialization & Focus on Local Hires The United Nations and other international agencies prefer to hire local people whenever possible for work in a developing country.

If the job posting says, "fluency in French", then the hiring company wants applicants who can do the job interview entirely in French, not someone who has had a few years of French classes.

If they job says you must know how to communicate in religiously conservative communities, and your CV doesn't say explicitly that you have done that somewhere, you aren't going to be interviewed.

If you are from a developing country, you will have an advantage over other candidates from a developed country IF you also have the exact skills and experience needed for a role.

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International candidates must have the exact area of specialization needed for a job.If the job is to direct public health education, and you're experience is as a corporate marketing manager, you aren't going to be interviewed.Here are examples of the HUGE range of specific experts sought by international development agencies, including UN projects: That's just a sample of the kinds of areas of specialization humanitarian agencies are looking for. A great way to see the huge range of expertise needed in humanitarian work is by looking at the jobs being recruited at Relief Web and ACBAR Afghanistan.If you have the expertise asked for in a job posting, what will increase your chances to be interviewed?Having the following experience and making sure it is detailed in your CV.

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