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Every group in the class had to choose a different topic (I helped them to organise this), and after marking I pinned the posters up in the respective classrooms so that students could admire and learn from the work of their classmates.

Each week, I asked the students to read a section of the textbook and answer some questions.But a further problem was that it was beyond my ability to even find enough topics to fill two 45 minute lectures each week, let alone prepare material for them.So instead I spent only the first period presenting a lecture, and during the second period (which always directly followed the first) I showed films that were relevent to the course.Of course the homework was still worth a small proportion of the marks for the course, and this was based simply on whether or not the homework had been completed, and whether it had been copied or not.Merely checking whether each student's homework was their own work or not became a major burden on my time, considering that there were some 120 assignments to mark each week.

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