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The expectant mothers may learn these items from family members, friends, and co-workers; they may also learn them online, from each other.

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These channels increasingly include more than face-to-face, oral communication.storytelling, jokes, insults, and more-folklorists have been criticized for participating only modestly in scholarly discourse about CMC (Blank 2009; 2012). Blank, in Folklore and the Internet (2009:2), encourages folklorists to look to the Internet, "not only to expand our scholastic horizons but also to carry our discipline into the digital age" (Blank 2009:2).In this article, I examine how specific, expected performances of pregnancy folklore become a means of maintaining group cohesion within a virtual community of practice for post-Soviet mothers, (En apprenant qu’un tel patrimoine était sur le point de disparaître sous du plâtre, nous avons décidé d’agir et de rénover l’enseigne nous-mêmes.» Créé en 2012, le mouvement rassemble aujourd’hui des architectes, des restaurateurs, mais aussi des enseignants, des étudiants et de simples citadins.

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